Dedicated to foiling without compromise. This FLY comes with a full pad and a new shape. Perfect for WING FOIL, SURF FOIL, SUP FOIL OR WAKE FOIL

Compact Shape
And light

Lightweight and responsive, you can take your board anywhere you want.

The “tomo” outline has the advantage of offering both stability on a short board, as well as a glide benefit before takeoff.

Best slide

The work of the hull is optimized thanks to a double concave cleverly measured on the front, evolving in flat on the back, what there is more efficient question glide for these boards…

The chamfer of the rails allows to soften the touches when they are made with angle.

Fly range


Volume : 39 L
Length : 4’8
Width: 500 mm
Weight : 5.2 kg
Box : Double rail US


Volume : 95 L
Length : 5’3
Width: 690 mm
Weight : 6.5 kg
Box : Double rail US


Volume : 102 L
Length : 5’10
Width: 710 mm
Weight : 7 kg
Box : Double rail US


Volume : 110 L
Length : 6’2
Width: 685 mm
Weight : 7.3 kg
Box : Double rail US

A departure quick

The tail kick makes it easy to take off and pump at low rpm.