For medium/high speed usage

These high aspect ratio wings provide high performance for a dynamic practice.

Flyer range in detail

Don't be limited in speed!

Thanks to its High Aspect Ratio profile, corresponding to the ratio between the length of the wing and its chord, the AFS Flyer allows for better fluid flow and in particular reduced drag. This increases the lift.

A high-performance foil

The TBAR (mast + fuselage) is a single piece. We are on a monobloc bringing rigidity to the whole. No play, more dynamism and simplified maintenance!

Don't worry about weight

The full carbon construction brings rigidity and lightness to the foil (complete foil weight: 3,1 kg). In the same way, you will no longer/not be bothered with marine aggressions such as corrosion which could weaken it.

Fly on all the wings of the range

The Flyer range is available in 3 wing sizes (1,000 cm2, 1,300 cm2, 1,500 cm2). Thanks to one and the same TBAR, you will be able to move between these wings but also on the wings of the Carver range.

Product image Complete foil flyer

Made In France

We control the manufacturing process from A to Z of our foils to ensure the best possible quality of manufacture. In addition, the prepreg construction allows operators to no longer breathe the toxic fumes emanating from the resin. The prepreg fibres are cut using a laser machine, then assembled in a mould and finally baked at a certain pressure to obtain the desired shape.

One foil for all disciplines

This AFS Flyer allows you to practice WING FOIL, SUP FOIL, SURF FOIL and WINDFOIL.

The Carver sister range

The Flyer (bottom wing) also has a sister range, the Carver range (top wing).

Carver wings are very forgiving and manoeuvrable wings with a wider flight range at low revs due to the long chord of the wing.

They offer an excellent inertia that allows to fly at low speed which facilitates the practice, the transitions, but does not mean less performance. Its acceleration is not as strong as in Flyer and the pumping is smoother. This wing is just waiting to be carved.

Details of our models

1000 1300 1500
Span (mm) 840 1000 1050
Surface area (cm2) 1000 1300 1500
Aspect Ratio 7.1 7.7 7.4

What our customers think of this AFS Flyer

The Flyer 1000 is impressive. Weighing 75 kg, I hesitated with the Flyer 1300 compared to the low range and finally no regrets, lift at the top!

– Lucas

For a freeride oriented navigation in Wing Foil my flyer 1300 is perfect. I don't go for the carver anymore. I go for a Waves navigation. The construction is solid and moreover made in frace. Thank you AFS!

– Bertrand

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