The beginning of your windfoil adventure

This is one of the added values of this F range of AFS. The foil will allow you to fly over the water simply and easily thanks to a 100% carbon construction providing rigidity and lightness.

F range in detail

Ideal if you want to learn the foil

Moderate aspect ratio (wing length and chord) will allow for an easy, docile but nevertheless performant foil.

Navigate serenely on your AFS FOIL

The tolerant profile of the wings makes their behaviour predictable and gentle.

You can find the two profiles of the F range on this 3D.

Don't feel anything under your feet (even after a good session)

The full carbon construction provides rigidity and lightness to the foil (full foil weight: 3.7 kg). In the same way, you will no longer/not be bothered with marine aggressions such as corrosion which could weaken it.

Simple and easy

The F range is available with two front wings – F-1080 and F-770 – and a single stabilizer (320).

Made in France

We control the manufacturing process from A to Z of our foils to ensure the best possible quality of manufacture. In addition, the prepreg construction allows operators to no longer breathe the toxic fumes emanating from the resin. The prepreg fibres are cut using a laser machine, then assembled in a mould and finally baked at a certain pressure to obtain the desired shape.

Sister ranges - Slalom (S) & Race (R)

The F range has two other sister ranges – the Slalom (S) and the Race (R).

The wings of the S range allow you to reach maximum speeds while maintaining control.

The R range wings are high ratio wings providing high performance on all points of sail.

Details of our models

F-770 F-1080 S-670 S-740 S-840 R-660 R-810
Span (mm) 700 800 700 720 950 900 1000
Surface area (cm2) 770 1080 670 740 840 660 810
Aspect Ratio 6.3 5.9 7.3 7.0 10.7 12.3 12.3

What our customers think of the AFS WINDFOIL F range

Super toy, allows you to always use it whatever the conditions. Surf in soft waves up to 3m!

– Sébastien

I took an F-1080 wing. Crazy. As soon as 10km of wind I'm in the air, the wing is super healthy, a crazy lift, ideal to learn the jibe in the air. The wing to do everything without getting in over your head, easy, nice, healthy.

– Edouard

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