Ahd topaz

Torn between a fin or foil? The AHD TOPAZ excels in both disciplines! Thanks to a deep tuttle fin box and a shape that allows, you can now sail both on and above the water, fin or foil. OSS PVC Carbon We follow a unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabric, reinforcements, and […]

AFS Flyer Foil

The foil with the best ratio performance/ accessibility. Super progressive, it is comfortable at low speeds with its thick chord and in high speeds with its high aspect ratio. Maneuvering and transitions are therefore made easier. Light wind and first take offs, dock start, wave riding, jumping… it can do it all. Features Chord The […]

Stab Performer

Performer Stabilisers Stabilisers that bring combinations of speed, glide, manoeuvrability and stability. ¬† Reach your peak Thanks to refined profiles and chords, the Performer will allow you to accelerate and turn while keeping control in all winds. On the water The Performer stabilisers are developed to specialise in specific Winging disciplines. The Performer SURF is […]


AFS Fly Dedicated to foiling without compromise. The FLY range come with a full deck pad and a new shapes. Perfect for WING FOIL, SURF FOIL, SUP FOIL OR WAKE FOIL Compact Shapeand Light The “tomo” outline has the advantage of offering both stability on a short board and the benefits glide before takeoff. Lightweight […]

AFS Fire

100% WING-100% AFS 100% FIRE AFS DNA on a board Be free in flight The AFS FIRE is a compact float with a reduced width to reduce the space required in flight. This compactness brings a better pumping efficiency. A take-off quick The AFS FIRE’s hull features a double concave design with a bulbous front […]


AFS WILF The AFS WILF is a lightweight and compact wing that can be used from anywhere and in all conditions. It’s an easy and fun wing from your first flights. It will accompany you in your progression for a good while. Rigid canopy The canopy tension has been maximised to give instant response ¬†supporting […]

After the Sup Foil?

The foil finds followers all over the world. It allows you to discover new sensations of sliding but also gives birth to many disciplines that revolutionize the world of sliding sports. The wing foil is the logical continuation of the sup foil. This is an almost identical discipline unlike the wing which comes with the […]

How to choose a board and a foil ?

The choice of material and equipment is essential to practice sup foil in the rules of art. It is important to choose your equipment according to your experience in paddling or foiling. There are also Sup foil boards that allow you to launch yourself into this discipline in complete serenity. To help you choose your […]

When to practice sup foil?

Before starting, it is important to check the tide times. This step allows you to check the water level to prevent your mast from getting stuck in the sandbanks. In order to know the best conditions to practice sup foil in the ocean, it is also essential to take information on the height and period […]

Who is the sup foil for?

To practice supfoil, it is not necessary to be an expert in paddle or foil. It is a discipline that can be practiced with adapted equipment and materials and allows beginners to discover the pleasures of foiling. Indeed, learning supfoil is generally easier than other disciplines in the foil world. This practice allows not only […]