Fly 4’8 – 6’0

Fly 4’8–6’0 BUY AFS Fly — Performance, Accessibility and Reliability Immersive board design The volume distribution is optimised and balanced to give a board with the best ratio of performance yet accessibility. The nose bulb provides forgiveness in the start phase as well as when landing from jumps. A mix of generous volume for forgiveness where needed […]

Cruiser, Pure or Silk : How to choose your AFS stab?

CRUISER or PURE, or SILK? How to choose the right stabilizers. Table des matières Cruiser The range is divided into 3 sizes — Small, Medium and Large. This range of stabilizers offers a good balance between stability, glide, and maneuverability. Performance-oriented and accessible, its profile provides glide, while its light arrow and progressive dihedral ensure […]


Pro BUY Ride like a pro Ultra-compact, high-performance board for demanding riders who want to push the limits. The shape has been optimized to reduce the inertia of the board, whether in freestyle rotations or waveriding turns. Fast, it is also the perfect board for racing in moderate to strong conditions being the board used […]

Fire V2

Fire V2 Buy The flagship of your Quiver! — Designed to heighten your limits. The AFS team, always at the forefront of innovation, presents the AFS FIRE V2, 100% wingfoil board. If you’ve already experienced the incredible sensations of this sport and want to continue progressing, these boards will undoubtedly propel you to a higher […]

Blackbird 7’6/8’0

Blackbird 7’6/8’0 Buy Downwind machine The Blackbird invites you into the fascinating world of endless rides off the beaten path. You don’t just sail, you glide beyond expectations, exploring the boundaries of extreme riding with confidence and ease. a perfect fusion of passion and bold innovation. Welcome to the fascinating world of the Blackbird Designed […]

HR Carbon Mast

HR 80cm Carbon Mast Buy Ultra-rigid and Ultra-durable, The AFS HR carbon mast provides direct sensations and instant feedback during each of your foil sessions. 16mm profile Very stiff mast for even more direct sensations Carbon HR construction Ultra rigid mast The thicker profile of the AFS HR mast (16mm) is there to provide more […]

Flyer Full Set

Flyer BUY The ultra fun foil for initiation and progression in wingfoil The Flyer foil is designed to accompany you on your first wingfoil flights and beyond. Its smooth takeoff, stability, control, and predictability make it the ideal foil to easily learn how to fly, go upwind, perform your first manoeuvres, and even venture into […]

Fly One

Fly One BUY The One you need to fly The Fly One is a compact, light and durable wingfoil / SUP Foil board, designed to offer accessibility and performance at all levels of progression. Its optimised shape makes takeoff easy and provides intuitive wingfoil sensations. If the wind weakens, this forgiving board will allow you […]

UHM Masts

Mât UHM BUY Better connection — better masts Boosted performance. Heightened sensations. Total control Building on the expertise of our Performer UHM masts, the goal of this new design was to push all boundaries and provide even more sensations while gliding. Each size has been uniquely designed.  Choose the one Available in 75 cm, 80 […]

Fuse Link

New Fuse Link connection Already available in our SILK foil range and the Pure 560. The Time-Tested. But… The reliable Performer connection that you are familiar with is now 8 years old. It is the very first mast/fuselage attachment that AFS created when we introduced the AFS Surf! It has met our demanding expectations and […]

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