SL-S The AHD SL-S range has been designed to give you total control in all situations and conditions allowing you to stay focused on your speed and trajectory. A compact board with a highly engineered hull that allows it to reach its maximum speed in comfort. Its shape has been optimised for easy release and […]


FURY Our AHD Fury are the latest generation of freeride boards developed at AHD with our master shaper Jean Marie Guiriec. The Fury has a straight outline providing maximum glide and a fast start quickly achieving highly efficient planing. It stays high on the water while being very lively underfoot: the perfect combination of performance […]

AFS Surf Foiling

Launches a new 100% Wave Riding range Laurent Borgna Laurent Borgna is a designer well known for his tubercle (bump) foil models inspired by the biomimicry of the whale. He joined the AFS team in 2023 with the first project to develop a specific range of foils for wave riding. A long-time water sports enthusiast, […]


AFS Fly Performance/Accessibility/Reliability Fly Range 4’8 Volume:        39 L Length:         4’8 Width:            19″ 1/2 Weight:         4.9 kg Box :                  Double US rail    5’25’45’8 6’0 Volume :              […]

Downwind – introduction

Downwind – introduction https://youtu.be/uPGeGuHwB6MDownwind is a nautical practice that consists of riding along the waves, winds and currents, using a board, canoe, Hawaiian canoe, sea kayak, wave-ski or prone board. The practice of downwind is very old and has recently been modernised with the use of foils and wings. Swell is present in all oceans, […]

Downwind – how to begin?

Downwind – how to start? So, first of all, some prerequisites to downwind in SUP foil. The best thing is to have already some experience, in SUP and in traditional SUP foil, before starting on downwind. That means having a good paddling technique, preferably. Downwind paddling technique This technique of paddle, can clearly be improved […]

Windfoil F range

Windfoil F range The easiest windfoil on the market. Made in France Made of pre-preg carbon in-house, at our factory in France, the foil is rigid and light. With pre-pregnated fabrics, the carbon fibre is impregnated with epoxy resin during its manufacture. This guarantees a perfect ratio between epoxy and carbon, and represents the best […]

Ahd expression

Dream waves or surfing any difficult conditions! Our AHD Expression boards have an on-point shape that combines a little length to improve planing and drive with a rocker line and hull that have been developed to make them responsive and easy to handle in the hardest of turns. OSS Double Sandwich carbon kevlar With board […]


AFS Fly Dedicated to foiling without compromise. The FLY range come with a full deck pad and a new shapes. Perfect for WING FOIL, SURF FOIL, SUP FOIL OR WAKE FOIL Compact Shape and Light The “tomo” outline has the advantage of offering both stability on a short board and the benefits glide before takeoff. […]

AFS Fire

100% WING-100% AFS 100% FIRE AFS DNA on a board Be free in flight The AFS FIRE is a compact float with a reduced width to reduce the space required in flight. This compactness brings a better pumping efficiency. A take-off quick The AFS FIRE’s hull features a double concave design with a bulbous front […]

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