Dick & Burns: the perfect session

It’s one of those days where everything lines up:
the swell orientation and size, the wind strength and direction, the sun and an very high tides, all at once.
Suddenly the spot starts to work. Time is now running out.
That is why this extraordinary session is among the most beautiful and intense.
We’ve been hoping for this for so long. Day after day we have been checking the forecasts…
Then it’s there, right in front of us. We jump on our Sealions and magic happens…
Real windsurfing, windsurfing as only the Sealion concept can offer.

Dick – Sealion Wings 8’6 & Sealion Sail 5.5m
Burns – Sealion Wings 7’6 & Sealion Sail 5.5m
Photographer : Loïc Olivier