The foil when it decides to do what it wants, it should not be countered. That is to say that, for example, if you want to go left and the foil has taken the trajectory of going to the right, the surfer’s reflex is to press, to counteract to bring the board back under you or to bring the board back in a better trajectory. On the other hand, in foil, if you do that, by pressing, the foil will continue to accelerate in the direction you don’t want to go and that’s often where the fall happens. This is really the most important safety instruction. So as soon as the foil starts to want to go the opposite way of what we are trying to do, it is better to throw yourself in the opposite direction of the foil. 

Once you are well on your way, with your toes well placed, your arms, your eyes, you can start trying to turn. It’s like surfing but you can’t make mistakes, you have to really apply yourself. As usual, it starts from the head, we send the head towards where we want to go, the arms, we open the top of the body and the rest is going to follow all smoothly. You must not accentuate the gesture too much, otherwise you run the risk of falling on the foil.


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