How do you take off in a wing foil?

If you have never sailed a foil before, the take off of the board can be surprising at first. It is therefore necessary to learn to master it. We give you some tips on how to take off in a wing foil. 


Step 1: lose speed

To take off in a foil, speed is essential. If you are not moving forward, or at very low speed, the foil will have no lift and will not fly you. Find the windy areas and master your wing to gain speed!

Step 2: Raise

Once you get enough speed, you will get a nose-up feeling on the front of the board. Indeed, the foil will want to take off and go up to the surface. You will have to let it go up and find the right moment to shift your weight to the front of the board to lower the nose and make the tail rise. At this point, the foil will have lift and you can fly.

Step 3: Stabilize

Once you get the feel of it, you can do touch and go to practice. That is to say that you will take off, put the board back and make it take off again, etc.

Once you have mastered this, you will need to find the right position to stabilize the board in flight.

We explain how to find the right position in our tutorial videos on our YouTube channel Foil&Co TV!

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