How to build a windfoil ?

We explain you how to mount your AFS windfoil. Front wing, stabilizer and housing, follow the steps of the assembly.

Step 1. Mount the foil in a deep tuttle case

First, put the board upside down and insert the foil mast into the deep tuttle box. Accompany the heel of the foil in the case with small movements to make it enter. Indeed, the AHD boxes have a tight fit.

Step 2. Mount the front wing of the foil

Position the front wing, aligning the holes in the wing with those in the fuselage.

Position the screws and start to screw them in at the same time, moving forward at the same level. Avoid tightening a screw directly.

Step 3. Mount the foil stabilizer

For the stabilizer, it’s the same process. Install it, being careful of the position of the leading edge and trailing edge.

Once again, place the screws and screw them in at the same time, advancing to the same level.

Step 4. Screw the foil into the deep Tuttle housing

Turn the board over, put it on the foil.

Insert the screws into the well.

Place the screws and screw them in at the same time.

Your foil is ready, have a good navigation !