How to change the flange of the central batten of a wing foil?

Your center batten may puncture or burst. We explain step by step how to change it. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


Have a clean and dry place


Remove the one pump

The first thing to do is to remove the so-called one pump. To do this, remove the ring, then the rubber end of the one pump and before removing the one pump completely.


Implementation of the guide

Take some thread and tie a knot at the end of the valve you just removed. When you remove the batten, the wire will follow and allow the new batten to be put back in place.


Retract the valve into the valve


Open the slat at the end and remove the

Go to the end of the batten to undo the scratch. The batten is caught in it. You can then shoot it quietly without forcing it.


Repair or change the batten

Repair the hole in the batten. You can then repair it with latex and neoprene glue or buy a new batten from our partners.


Replace the batten

The most risky thing here will be to make turns while putting the batten back into the sheath. To do this, bend the batten which will unroll as you go along. Tip: fold the end like a sock (this is what is between the tip of the one pump and the end of the batten that will be on the leading edge). Attach the guide to the one pump end of the new batten. Pull the thread gently.


Replace the one pump

Put the valve of the one pump back through the hole. Reattach the connection to the leading edge.


Inflate the center batten without pressure

Inflate the slat a little to make sure there is no hernia. If everything is good, you can undo the guide.


Close the end of the batten

Fold the batten into its sleeve and scratch.


Inflate fully

Tap gently during inflation so that everything falls into place nicely.


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