How to choose a stabilizer for wing foil and surf foil ?

Choosing the right stabilizer (or stab) on your foil is very important, whether it is for wing foil, surf foil, wake foil or sup foil. This choice necessarily depends on your front wing… We explain everything.

Find the best combo

In foiling, the goal is to have the best combo according to your front wing. Indeed, if you choose a stabilizer is long and wide, then you will have a better stability because the foil will be wedged on its side. On the other hand, the smaller your stab, the more maneuverability and nervousness you will have. Be careful though, if you don’t have the technical level to sail with a small stab, the foil will become unstable.

In terms of speed, you would think that a small stab would allow you to go faster because it drags less water. But as mentioned before, it is less stable and has less support on the water so it is harder to pilot.

Practice and choice of stab

To practice, if you want to do a little slalom and a little speed, you should not go too low in stab size, take the in-between. If you want to surf waves or swell, you will need explosiveness, so you will need to reduce the stabilizer.

You will have understood that the size of the stab depends on your front wing, your practice and your size. It’s not necessarily the smallest that performs best.

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