Which foil to choose for surfing foil ?

Low aspect, high aspect ? 700 or 1200 cm? We give you all our advices to choose the best surf foil gear. Feel free to consult our
complete guide to learn how to surf foil



The first thing to look at is the profile of the wing.

There are two possibilities:

  • A wing with a slim profile (Performer in the AFS range)
  • A wing with a thicker profile (Flyer in the AFS range)

The thin profile brings more acceleration, more glide, more dynamism. The thick profile provides more lift at low speeds and more forgiveness.

For beginners, it can be very interesting to use a thick profile wing like the Flyer. It is more tolerant of possible support errors.

The Performer, a thin profile wing, will be really efficient and radical in glide and handling.



We have two lengths at AFS: a short (67 cm) and a longer (71 cm).

The long fuselage allows a better stabilization of the flight, and thus rather oriented on a practice Wing or SUP with bigger boards.

In surf foil, we will not think too long, we will choose the short fuselage. It brings the rear wing closer to the front wing and therefore provides more maneuverability. When pumping, it allows for a higher cadence.



There is no point in surfing foils to put too long masts, because the waves often roll over sandbanks. So for a depth problem we use rather short masts, 82 cm or less, and especially the surf foil mast will have a specific angulation (rake) allowing to have more lift on the front foot and thus a better pumping. This specific angulation allows, compared to other disciplines, to use a smaller stabilizer and therefore to gain in maneuverability.