How to do a wing foil jibe?

The jibe is a maneuver that is done downwind, therefore behind the wing. In wing foil, this movement is almost similar to windsurfing or windfoil, but you have to manage your kite and your foot change. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


The jibe wing foil step by step

1 – Secure the maneuver by raising your wing or looking through the window to see if there is room to jibe. 2 – Reduce your speed so as not to arrive too quickly in the jibe 3 – Start an inward edge, high wing 4 – When you leave downwind, you release the wing 5 – When you arrive in the wind, you have to take back the wing on the other side. You then have to reverse your hands on the handle while continuing your edge grip, to rebound and take off again. The important thing is to always lean into your turn so that you have a constant edge grip.


When to change the position of the feet during the wing foil jibe?

Like the tack, the change of feet depends on the feeling. It can be done before the maneuver, or after.


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