How to find the right wing foil position?

If you are new to wing foiling, you know that finding the right position on your board to take off can be complicated. We give you some tips to succeed quickly. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


Place your feet on your wing foil board

To trigger the takeoff of the foil, the placement of the feet is important. If you place your feet on the front of your board you will not fly because the weight is not distributed properly. However, this technique can be interesting when you want to return to the shore or when you are overpowered in a strong wind.

To take off, you’ll need to move your back foot back and look for the sensation of camber. At this point, you will have to shift your weight back to the front so that the board is horizontal. If you are a beginner in foiling, try to do “touch and go”: take off and put back the board on the water several times for a few meters. This technique allows you to learn how to regulate the flight.


The importance of the look

Stabilizing your position also requires you to use your eyes. By fixing a point in the distance you will stabilize your position a little more. Avoid looking at your feet, always look at where you want to go.


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