How to make a wing foil tack?

The tack is a manoeuvre which consists of turning the float into the wind. In wing foil, its realization is the same as in windfoil but you have to learn to manage your feet and your wing in a different way.  

When tacking, the important thing is to maintain good lift on the foil while trying to get upwind. You must therefore place your wing high and make a curve with your back to the wind.

In order to maintain lift, it may be useful to add a little pumping by pressing down on the back foot when initiating the tack.

The movement of the wing is essential. It’s all about sending your wing over your head at the right time, completely the other way. Once upwind, you have to keep the curve.

Of course, you must not forget to concentrate on your support so as to continue to close the turn, to go and recover your wing on the other side and relaunch. The important thing is to keep your edge grip (curve) so that you don’t risk going back the other way. To avoid this, you have to lean slightly in your turn.

There are two ways to approach the change of feet and it depends on your “strong” side, the one where you are most comfortable. The first technique is to switch feet before the maneuver and the other one after the maneuver. You may feel more comfortable changing your feet after the manoeuvre, on your strong edge. But it depends of course on your own feeling, you have to test to find your technique and fall less often.

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