How to pummel in wing foil ?

The pumping in wing foil consists in pumping upright on the board to get the foil out of the water, or to keep speed in flight. This is a very technical movement and probably the most physical in foil. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


The pumping technique in wing foil depends on the equipment

The technique will differ depending on the material used. Indeed, if you use a big foil with a long fuselage, the pumping will be more focused on inertia with a lower frequency. On the other hand, if you use small wings and a short fuselage, you will have to bring some cadence, some frequency.

These are two different styles and it will also depend on the cardio. Trained people may be able to pump in frequency. The others will perhaps go towards a movement with a little more inertia, slower and thus with a longer glide.


The detailed movement of pumping

With pumping, you have to make sure that the flows, that the glide is optimized. It is thus necessary to carry out the movement well even if it means going slower, rather than seeking speed by carrying out a bad pumping.

Try to be light, let the foil go up and down, it will accelerate by itself. You have to lighten up and let it accelerate. So you have to push on the back leg to make the board pitch up and put weight back on the front leg to bring lift to the foil and to take off or stay in the air.

As you can see, the technique depends on the equipment and the cardio. It takes practice to get there, but to stay in shape and perform in wing foil, play sports!


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