How to adjust the wing foil in a double US rail ?

The placement of the foil in the US double box is very important when you practice wing foil! When new material is discovered, logic dictates that it should be balanced. It is therefore necessary to start with an adjustment centered in the middle of the box and to adjust its adjustment according to the following criteria
  • Its size
  • Its target
  • The conditions
Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


Front rail adjustment for wing foil practice

The more advanced the foil, the more power it will offer.

A larger size will then compensate by moving its foil forward in the boxes.
In low rpm, under canvas, soft waves, low speed, you can move the foil forward to get more lift.


Adjustment at the back of the rail

If the foil is ejecting and forces you to press too hard on the front leg (lighter weight, high speed, stronger wind…) you have to move the foil back in the boxes to get more control by reducing its power.


Playing with the wedges

It is also possible to play on the dynamic behavior of its foil. We can make the foil more powerful by using a wedge to kick its stab and compensate by moving the foil back to control it. This can bring pumping or energy in the jumps! A rather forward foil will offer a lot of maneuverability. Associated with a stab kick, we optimize the reactivity in the low speeds.

In foil, the game of adjustments is almost endless. It’s all about finding the right one for each individual and for the conditions of the day. There is no single setting!


Size chart