How to switch feet in wing foil?

Reversing your feet during wing foil manoeuvres is not easy for beginners. You have to manage your speed, your wing and your board. Here are some tips on how to switch / reverse your feet in wing foil.

switch feet wing foil

When sailing a wing foil, you can change your feet before or after the manoeuvre. Everyone has their own preference and it may depend on whether they are comfortable in goofy or regular.

To switch your feet before or after the manoeuvre, you should already raise the wing to get a good visibility and check that nobody is behind. Safety first!

Then, you have to anticipate the fact that when you change feet, the board will tend to land on the water again. So you will try to give a little pumping just before switching to get the board back up on the water.

The inversion movement is done either one foot after the other or if you are comfortable, by doing a jump. At this moment, the back foot will come to take the place of the front foot.

At the flight path level, the board will want to land again at the end of the foot change. It will therefore be necessary to relaunch quickly to resume a more stable flight to complete its manoeuvre.

Use your gaze to try and block your position. Aim for a aim away and avoid looking at your feet!

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