NOTOX x AFS with the Lost in the Swell!


The collaboration

Hi, I’m Ewen from Lost in the Swell.

Hi, I’m Aurel, but everyone calls me Nono from Lost in the Swell always.

We are part of the same Lost in the Swell family. And we are here to present our new material.

Recently, we are sponsored by AFS Foils which makes foils made in Finistère, so handmade in Brittany. And for several years, we have also been sponsored by Notox who make our surfboards which just made a collaboration.

So basically the idea of this collaboration is to have Notox boards made of recycled carbon with AFS foils made in Finistère. We are very happy with this collaboration because first of all, it’s great stuff and then it’s made in France.

And it is a beautiful love story between the Basque Country and Brittany, so we are very happy that the two companies get along so well and that the fruit of their work gives this magnificent result. It works very well, have you the tips.


The material

In fact, it seems to me that Benoît from Notox was his tenth board shapped. So it’s a new thing for them because he usually makes custom boards for our Lost in the Swell trips and this one is a very small board compared to the usual one, it’s 5’2.

For the environmental-ecological value, they put a nice little cork front pad on us, and there you go. We are super happy, we don’t have a lot of hindsight from other materials, but we have directly the top of the top so it’s not easy to have hindsight, we have the best!

There are rails under the board, really the goal in foiling is to have a super stiff board so that when you are in the air, it is responsive. So the shape of the bottom of the board will be more for stiffness than for surfing in waves. It’s not like surfing because it’s not in contact with the water, it’s a different approach. And it was made with recycled carbon from the automotive industry. So that’s the green aspect, at least it’s recycled even if it’s still carbon. So in AFS equipment, we have a mast of 82 and we often surf the wings between 1300 and 1000cm2. So square centimeters, for a surfer it’s a lot of other notions to learn that I’ve been taught for a year. We are more comfortable with it but at the beginning it is not obvious.

You also need a stab, it is the small wing at the back and we have it from 260 to 310cm2. So then there are different wings, this is the Flyer which is still wider with less rope and less depth than the Carver, so for pumping, it is still not bad, it bears its name well even if the carver remains as good. And I’m looking forward to testing the 1000 which has 300 square centimeters less and apparently has a better performance. What Bruno was saying is that proportionally even the 1000 is smaller than the 1300, to pump the 1000 would be better.

We are not experts yet, but I am happy to be at the beginning of this new sport and it is true that since a year and a half, since we are at AFS Foils and since we know Bruno, the technology has evolved and the foils we had before did not look like this at all! And it’s true that once you have the right material, it changes everything! So buy AFS!

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