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The practice of foiling is spreading exponentially and on all board sports. The wake foil is also bitten by the virus. Sailing a foil behind a boat means you don't have to worry about the rudder and can simply surf the boat's wake...

What is the wake foil?

Wakefoil is an innovation in water sports. It reinvents riding behind a boat by offering unique sensations that combine the pleasures of surfing, foil and wake. Like wakeboarding, wakefoil does not require a rudder. In addition to flying and floating on the water, it also makes it possible to surf the wake waves. Its practice requires more techniques at the beginning if you start with boards with little volume. Indeed, we must then go into the water with the traction of the boat. Knowing how to wakeboard is an advantage. Understanding how a foil works can also help the learning process.

How to choose your wakefoil equipment?

To make a successful debut in wakefoil, it is important to choose your equipment carefully. Indeed, the foil is designed to support body weight distribution. It looks like an airplane wing and is in the water to adapt to different body positions. The wake foil is especially suitable for lift at medium and low speeds. We recommend the Carver range of wings for wake foil practice. It is recommended to use a heavy board to ensure good stability behind the boat. For insiders, carbon foils guarantee more performance and speed.

How to get out of the water in a wake foil?

Just like wakeboarding, wakefoil starts in the water. However, once you are standing in the motion of the wave, you will no longer need to hold the rudder. When the boat or cable starts, it is important to find the right balance to get out of the water and to start standing when you feel the pressure of the water pressed against your feet. For beginners, the start may require several tries.

Cable or boat for a practical wake foil?

They both fit! The advantage of the boat is the wave generated which will allow you to be totally autonomous. The cable can go at higher speeds and therefore not necessarily reassuring when starting out. Like all board sports, it is necessary to respect the safety rules before starting wakefoil. For this, the impact vest and helmet are essential. This equipment ensures the safety of the rider during falls. In addition, the boards used should have a case that fits the foil of your choice.

Other foil practices

The foil in the world of gliding arrived via windsurfing with the windfoil . AFS was one of the pioneer brands in this field, bringing out the first foils for the general public to fly a windsurfing board and to make people discover new sensations.

For some time now, the foil has been democratized in board sports. We are starting to see more and more surf foils in the water. One of the pioneers in the field is Laird Hamilton who tackles the biggest waves in the world.

Like many of the great sailors of the Vendée Globe, more and more people are also taking up wing foil which is a practice in full development. After a passive in kitesurfing, windsurfing or completely new in the field, this sport seduces by its simplicity of implementation and its accessibility. Often complementary because of the same type of foil and board, don’t hesitate to try sup foiltoo !



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