Performer fuselage


Made in

2 years warranty

Free return within 14 days

Product details

Product advantages

  • 70 cm
  • Maintenance free
  • Sculpted, hydrodynamic shape
  • Stiffness and strength
  • Made In France
  • Full carbon

Which program for a Performer fuselage?

The Performer fuselage is suitable for all riders and all levels! It is adaptable to all AFS masts.

Which size to choose?

Easy, there is only one. 70 cm is the most versatile fuselage size.

Fuselage features

Size 70 cm
Construction Carbone
Front wing 3 inserts
Stabilizer 2 inserts
Practice Freeride/Race


Mast connection

The fuselage is assembled to the mast by three 25 mm connecting screws.


100% High Modulus Carbon with stainless steel stabiliser threaded inserts.

What is included?

The fuselage is sold complete in a protective cover which fits whether the foil set is assembled or separate.

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