Performer Mast

Glide, control and manoeuvrability


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2 years warranty

Free return within 14 days

Product details

Product advantages

  • Maximum glide
  • Variable chord width for optimised fluid flow
  • Narrow chord profile
  • +/- Mast rake according to your practice
  • Made In France
  • Full carbon

Which program for a Performer mast?

The Performer masts have been specifically developed to optimise your foil riding performance. If you are looking for more glide, more manoeuvrability while having light and rigid material, then these masts are made for you!

Which mast to choose?

On the Performer range 4 sizes of masts are available:

  • 78 cm (1 degree negative rake) for wave /downwind practice
  • 85 cm (neutral rake) for all-round  versatile practice
  • 97 cm (1 degree positive rake) for free ride / race practice

All AFS masts are compatible with all AFS fuselages.

Mast characteristics

Performer 78 Performer 85 Performer 97
Size 78 cm 85 cm 97 cm
Construction High modulus carbon or Ultra high modulus carbon High modulus carbon or Ultra high modulus carbon High modulus carbon or Ultra high modulus carbon
Rake -1°
Thickness 14 mm 14.5 mm 15 mm
Poids 1,7 kg 1,7 kg 2,0 kg
Practice Downwind/Surf foil Freeride /Freestyle/Race Race

Board and fuselage connection

The connection of the mast to the board is made by 4 M8 screws of 35 mm length.
The connection to the fuselage is made by 3 screws of 25 mm.


High modulus carbon

What is included?

The mast is sold complete with a  padded cover offering protection when both attached or dismantled to the fuselage and foil.

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