Performance Front Foil

3 key words that summarise this range of front foils: Performance, reliability and feel.


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2 years warranty

Free return within 14 days

Product details

Product advantages

  • Optimised glide
  • Improved performance
  • Wide range of use
  • Made In France
  • Full carbon

What program for these front wings?

The AFS WINDFOIL 2022 front wings are oriented towards a race or slalom program. Compared to our previous ranges, glide optimisation has been made in order to gain even more performance while remaining accessible.

This range is suitable for intermediate to expert level practitioners.

Which front wing to choose ?

<65kg 65-70kg 70-75kg 75-80kg 80-85kg 85-90kg >90kg
10-20 nodes 700 700 700 900 900 900 900
>20 knots 370 370 370 570 570 570 570

Front fender features

370 570 700 900
Span 580 mm 725 mm 882 mm 1000 mm
Surface 370 cm2 570 cm2 700 cm2 900 cm2
Aspect Ratio 9.1 9.2 11 11.1
Screw size 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm


A foil that slices through the water. The profile and the section have been developed to improve the glide. The objective of the design office was to increase the surface area while reducing the drag, allowing a better fluid flow around the foil. More surface area with an optimised chord profile, which means improved upwind and downwind performance.


Made of pre-preg carbon in France, the foil is rigid and light. With pre-preg fabrics, the carbon fiber is directly impregnated with epoxy resin during its manufacture. This guarantees a perfect ratio of epoxy and carbon, and represents the best quality process. Laser-cut, then assembled in a stack, the carbon fibers are then positioned in a mold that is mounted at high temperature, providing strength and durability. From the machining of the molds to the shipment, everything is managed in our company in France allowing to have a quality process and a guaranteed finish.

What is included?

The front foil is supplied with a protective cover and a screw kit to fix it to the fuselage.

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