Foil Complet Performer

Foil Complet Performer

TBAR Windfoil full carbon


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Made in France

4x time payment

2 years warranty

14 days exchange

What is included?

Frequently asked questions​
  • Optimized profile for glide and control
  • Variable chord (longer chord at the top of mast for stability and thinner chord in flight for optimal fluid flow)
  • 95 cm mast / 94.5 cm body – practical cruising, freerace
  • 100 cm mast / 105 cm fuselage – practical race
  • TBAR fixed
  • Made In France
  • Full carbon

These TBARs are geared toward a high-performance practice. In full carbon construction, they will bring lightness, stiffness and a direct feeling with your foil so you can push your limits with confidence.

You want to glide, to explode your Vmax, this foil is made for you!

The TBAR (95cm mast/94.5cm body) is designed for a rider looking for performance in freeride/freerace. It is in fixed TBAR.

The TBAR (100 cm mast / 105 cm fuselage) – Ultra High Module construction. It is mainly intended for competitors or riders sailing up and / or downwind courses . It is in fixed TBAR.