Our range of AHD Fury boards is the latest generation of freeride boards developed by AHD in collaboration with our shaper, Jean Marie Guiriec. These boards feature a streamlined outline that provides excellent gliding performance and quick planing. They maintain a high position on the water while offering a lively feel underfoot, striking the perfect balance between performance and ease of control. If you’re looking for a sporty freeride board without compromising on comfort, the Fury is the board for you.


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Volume (L) 100 | 130
Length (cm) 240 | 247
Width (cm) 63 | 76
OFO 41.7 cm | 49.6 cm
Construction PVC Sandwich
Box Deep Tuttle
Weight (kg) 6.9 | 8.4
Recommended Fin 33 to 41 cm | 43 to 50 cm
Recommended Sail Area 6m2 | 7.5m2

Size chart

100 Medium/strong winds
130 Light/medium winds