Access Pack

Самый доступный пакет Wingfoil на рынке.


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2 years warranty

Free return within 14 days

Product details

Product advantages

  • Easy and accessible package
  • Ready to ride
  • Lightweight and rigid carbon foils made in France
  • Best quality/price ratio on the market

Which program for this pack?

This pack will allow you to start and progress your Wing Foiling.

The Flyer foil inspires with great lift at low speeds due to its thick chord profile. Combined with a reasonably high aspect profile outline, manoeuvres and transitions are made easier.

Light wind take-offs, freeride, dock starts, wave riding, jumping… this foil can do it all.

Riding with a 100% carbon foil allows you fly earlier, learn faster and to have direct feel. Additional bonus is Carbon requires zero maintenance.

Fly boards in TOMO shape provide stability and comfort.

The positive reputation of the WILF Wing is very well established. Versatile, powerful, lightweight, it is suitable for all types of wing foil disciplines and rider abilities.

Which AFS Fly board?

-65 kg 65-70 kg 70-75 kg 75-80 kg 80-85 kg 85-90 kg 90-95 kg >95kg
Fly 5’10 Fly 5’10 Fly 5’10 Fly 5’10 Fly 5’10 Fly 6’2 Fly 6’2 Fly 6’2

Stabilizer features

Trace 310
Span 480 mm
Surface 310 cm2
Aspect Ratio 7.4
Screw size 25 mm

Mast characteristics

Alpha 75
Size 75 cm
Construction Carbon
Practice Freeride
Fuselage Long (71 cm)

Board features

Fly 5’10 Fly 6’2
Length 5’10 6’2
Width 71 cm 68.5 cm
Volume 102 L 110 L
Box Double Rail US Double Rail US
Construction PVC Carbon Sandwich PVC Carbon Sandwich
Weight 7 kg 7.3 kg
Strap inserts Yes Yes

What is included?

The complete foil set is sold with a cover for both the front wing and stabiliser along with a padded case to additionally store and protect the mast and Fuselage. The Torx assembly screws for the front wing/fuselage – stabiliser/fuselage – fuselage/mast – board/foil are also provided as well as a matching Torx Screwdriver.

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