Evolution Pack

Evolution pack that suits all types of practitioners


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2 years warranty

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Product details

Product advantages

  • Performing and versatile pack
  • Thin chord profile for more glide
  • Light and rigid foil
  • French carbon construction

Which program for this pack?

This pack will suit both a rider who wants to start wing foiling and an experienced rider who wants to go to the next level in wing foiling.

The Performer foil (1450, 1650, 1900 for the front foil and Performer RS stabiliser) brings glide by its finesse while remaining accessible by the large and efficient front foils. Riding with a carbon foil allows you to learn faster (lighter foil and therefore faster take off), to have direct sensations with the added bonus of zero maintenance.

The Performer masts have been specially developed to optimise your performance. If you are looking for more glide, more maneuverability while having light and rigid material, these masts are made for you!

Fly boards in TOMO shape provide stability and comfort. Fire boards with a unique carbon construction shape provide stiffness and performance.

The reputation of WILF is well established. Versatile, it is suitable for all types of practitioners.

What combo?

<70kg 70-90kg >90kg
Foil Performer 1450/Performer RS 260/Performer Mast 85 cm/Performer Body Performer 1650/Performer RS 260/Performer Mast 85 cm/Performer Body Performer 1900/Performer RS 260/Performer Mast 85 cm/Performer Body
Board Fly 5’3/Fire 5’5 Fly 5’10/Fire 5’5 Fly 5’10/Fire 5’8
Wing 4 5 6

Stabilizer features

Performer RS 260
Span 480 mm
Surface 260 cm2
Aspect Ratio 8.8
Screw size 16 mm

Mast characteristics

Performer 85
Size 85 cm
Construction High Modulus Carbon

Board features

Fly 5’3 Fly 5’10 Fire 5’5 Fire 5’8
Length 5’3 5’10 5’5 5’8
Width 69 cm 71 cm 63,5 64.7 cm
Volume 95 L 102 L 90 L 110 L
Box Double Rail US Double Rail US Double Rail US Double Rail US
Construction PVC Carbon Sandwich PVC Carbon Sandwich PVC Carbon Sandwich PVC Carbon Sandwich
Weight 6.5 kg 7 kg 6.3 kg 6.6 kg
Strap inserts Yes Yes Yes Yes

What is included?

The complete foil set  is sold with a cover for each element (fuselage, mast, front foil and stabiliser). Additionally  as well as a padded case to protect and store the complete set . The front foil/fuselage – stabiliser/fuselage – fuselage/mast assembly screws are also supplied. The mounting screwdriver is included. The screws for fixing the foil to the board are also included.

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