Sealion Wings

Have only one board for all the disciplines in foil or not (Wing foil, SUP foil, Windsurf, Windfoil, SUP, ...)

Big sister of the Sealion Classic, double US rails have been added for foiling! Its outline provides stability on a short board, allowing you to take advantage of it for a ride but also to be radical for a wave practice thanks to its retro fish tail.


Practice windsurfing, SUP freeride, or waveriding.

Windsurf from the slightest wave to the most beautiful surfsailing conditions in the lightest winds. Discover the exceptional sensations of the strapless practice during big freeride rides…

A large single concave concave is used to tighten the scoop line, more curved than on a Sealion Classic. The Sealion Wings is then more radical at the bottom of the wave and much faster. The rail sections are thinner for more aggressive carvings.

Practice in foil

Wing foil, kite foil, sup foil, windfoil everything is possible.

The double US or deep tuttle rail (your choice) mounted on the Sealion Wings will allow you to position the foil according to your practice.

A handy board

Like a real surfboard the rails are very thin to enter the curve and accentuate the carving. The Sealion wings surf more on the rail, less flat than a Sealion Classic.

The retro fish allows to carve on half a tail so it will bring lightness, maneuverability and be less powerful in legs.

Details of our models

Sealion Wings

7’6 8’6 9’0
Volume 112 L 130 L 150 L
Length 240 cm 259 cm 274 cm
Width 74 cm 76 cm 78 cm
Weight 8,7 kg 9,4 kg 9.0 kg

What our clients think of this Sealion Wings

These are foils that you can enjoy in almost all conditions, and which go very fast because they offer assisted driving even with slightly powerful sails. Under the most difficult conditions, their wisdom works wonders. They are also foils that make manoeuvring much easier.

– Sébastien

Absolute fan of the sealion, I have the 7.6 since 2015, I have done everything with it, speed (27 knots in vmax), surf sailing in 3 m well packed in Siouville, ballade, paddle and initiation for children, it is clearly my favorite board.

– Henri

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