product image TBAR foil alpha


T-fixed mast and fuselage or removable mast and fuselage

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1,139.00 1,259.00 

    Mast Size 72 cm 82 cm 92 cm
    Assembly One-piece or removable One-piece or removable Monobloc or dismountable
    Screws Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
    Fuselage 71 cm 71 cm 71 cm
    • 3 mast sizes: 72, 82 and 92 cm
    • Multi-support : Surf Foil, Sup Foil, Wing Foil, Kite Foil, Windfoil
    • Maximum Compatibility: Accepts all kites and stabs in the range to cover all beaches and sailing styles
    • Square-section fuselage (71 cm): Precise and rigid wing docking
    • Fixed assembly: Weight savings, rigidity and responsiveness
    • Full carbon: Maximum lightness, no corrosion, durability
    • Case: Deep Tuttle or US platinum – compatible with all cases on the market
    • Materials used: T700, T800 and UHM – Ultra High Modulus – carbon
    • Technology used: prepreg: 60% fibres/40% resin