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Optimized wind upwind

Thanks to their geometry but also thanks to the wiglets, which, in addition to providing stability, optimize the lift at the wingtip and therefore a better support for upwind sailing.

Fly on all the wings of the WINDFOIL range.

The R range offers 2 wings, the R-810 and the R-660. They are both mounted with the 280 outrigger as well as on a 95 or 105 mast for performance (can be mounted on an 85 mast as well).

You can find the two profiles of the R range on this 3D.

Don't worry about weight

The full carbon construction brings rigidity and lightness to the foil (complete foil weight: 4 kg). In the same way, you will no longer/not be bothered with marine aggressions such as corrosion which could weaken it.

Navigate on a high-performance foil

Large wingspan, low rope, thin, a good mix that will allow you to optimize your VMG (Velocity Made good).

All our foils are drawn and simulated digitally. Following this phase, various real prototypes are designed within our company and tested under real conditions. These different stages allow us to have finished and efficient foils.

Made In France

We control the manufacturing process from A to Z of our foils to ensure the best possible quality of manufacture. In addition, the prepreg construction allows operators to no longer breathe the toxic fumes emanating from the resin. The prepreg fibres are cut using a laser machine, then assembled in a mould and finally baked at a certain pressure to obtain the desired shape.

The sister ranges - Freeride (F) & Slalom (S)

The R range has two other sister ranges – the Freeride (F) range and the Slalom (S) range.

The F range kites allow you to start your windfoil adventure. They allow you to fly over water simply and easily.

The wings of the S range allow you to reach maximum speeds while maintaining control.

presentation of all the wings of the windfoil range in front view
F-770 F-1080 S-670 S-740 S-840 R-660 R-810
Span (mm) 700 800 700 720 950 900 1000
Surface area (cm2) 770 1080 670 740 840 660 810
Aspect Ratio 6.3 5.9 7.3 7.0 10.7 12.3 12.3

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Afs windfoil

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