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Ride as fast as possible and accelerate endlessly with control

In slalom, the recipe is simple: you have to gauge the first one, accelerate and go as fast as possible while keeping a maximum of control in the highest speeds. That’s the whole point of the double cut out on the tail.

Maximum control

Our AHD SL3 has an evolutionary hull design with a double concave rear flat.

The double concave design allows for quick de-levelling and re-launching. It also tightens the scoop line to accelerate even harder.

A quick start

Sharp rails and double cut-out at the tail ensure an ideal combination for explosive starts and great jibe throws.

105 115
Volume 105 L 115 L
Length 231 cm
Width 67 cm 71 cm
OFO 46,8 cm 51 cm
Box Tuttle Box
Aileron Not supplied / Recommended 31-40 cm Not supplied / Recommended 34-43 cm
Weight 6,6 kg 6,8 kg
Volume 128 L
Length 229 cm
Width 81.5 cm (8.5″)
OFO 59,3 cm
Box Tuttle Box
Spoiler Not supplied / Recommended 38-50 cm
Weight 7 kg

Reinforced and lightweight construction

OSS Double Sandwich Carbon

From 6.6 kg, we follow a unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabric, reinforcements, and casings are applied in a double-shell mould and then cured in a process that allows ideal polymerisation of the resins for perfect reproduction and an optimal weight/solidity ratio. The resin used for the construction of our boards is a biosourced epoxy SR GreenPoxy (more than 33% of the molecules come from vegetable sources).

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