AHD Zen Evolution

The AHD ZEN are retractable daggerboard windsurfing boards, designed for initiation in clubs and for discovering the sport with the family.

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Stable and easy

The scoop is progressive, ideal for a stable start and good ride at low speed. The long, homogeneous outline provides stability, support and tolerance. The voluminous rails also ensure tolerance and ease.

Get into the planning quickly and very smoothly.

Thanks to its length, the take-off on schedule is easy and brings a great tolerance in maneuvers.

Fear no longer the impacts of the mast

Entirely padded and reinforced on the parts that are used by beginners (nose and rails), these boards ensure maximum comfort and fun for beginners.

Zen 170 Zen 190 Zen 220
Volume 170 L 190 L 220 L
Length 270 cm 290 cm 295 cm
Width 79.5 cm (10.5″) 80.5 cm (26.5″) 90 cm
Box Deep Tuttle Box Powerbox
Spoiler 30 cm
Weight 12.9 kg (11.5 lbs) 14.5 kg (14.5 lbs) 17,4 kg

Solid construction

OSS Wood

From 12.9 kg, we follow a unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabric, reinforcements, and casings are applied in a double-shell mould and then cured in a process that allows ideal polymerisation of the resins for perfect reproduction and an optimal weight/solidity ratio. The resin used for the construction of our boards is a biosourced epoxy SR GreenPoxy (more than 33% of the molecules come from vegetable sources).

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