Dedicated to foil without compromise. This new FLY comes with a full pad and a new shape. Ideal for WING FOIL, SURF FOIL, SUP FOIL OR WAKE FOIL!

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990.00 1,199.00 


Compact and light-weight shape

Lightweight and responsive, you can take your board wherever you want.

The β€œtomo” outline has the advantage of offering both stability on a short board, as well as a benefit in terms of glide before takeoff…

Get a better ride

The work of the hull is optimized thanks to a double concave cleverly dosed on the front, evolving flat on the back, which is the most efficient for these boards …

The chamfer of the rails allows to soften the touches when they are made with angle.

A quick start

The tail kick allows you to facilitate your take-off and pumping at low rpm.

Nahskwell Fly

4’8 5’6 5’3
Volume 39 L 48 L 95 L
Length 147 cm 167 cm 160 cm
Width 19β€³ 2/3 | 50 cm 20β€³ 1/2 | 52 cm 27 1/2β€³ | 69 cm
Weight 5,2 kg 5,7 kg 6,5 kg
Aileron Double US
5’10 6’2 6’6
Volume 102 L 110 L 125 L
Length 178 cm 189 cm – cm
Width 28β€³ | 71 cm 27β€³ | 68,5 cm 29β€³ 1/2 | 74 cm
Weight 7 kg 7,3 kg – kg
Aileron Double US
Fichier 5

Reinforced and lightweight construction

OSS PVC Carbon

From 5.7 kg, we follow a unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabric, reinforcements, and casings are applied in a double-shell mould and then cured in a process that allows ideal polymerisation of the resins for perfect reproduction and an optimal weight/solidity ratio. The resin used for the construction of our boards is a biosourced epoxy SR GreenPoxy (more than 33% of the molecules come from vegetable sources).

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Nahskwell Fly

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