Sealion Summerboard

Summer’s all-purpose board

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Stability, ride and upwind lightwind

Windsurf from the slightest wave to the most beautiful surfsailing conditions in the lightest winds. Discover the exceptional sensations of the strapless practice during big freeride rides…

The daggerboard plays its role at the slightest laughing stock, causing the float to heel. With this little extra power the Summerboard glides smoothly and provides a lot of fun in the slightest breeze. The beginner will appreciate the stability. Daggerboard retracted or removed, the Summerboard glides like a Sealion Classic on the water and in small waves.

Learning to foil with ease

AFS has developed a “school” foil specially designed to make large learning floats take off with great ease and less apprehension.

Learning how to plan and initiation to footstraps

Inserts have been positioned so that footstraps can be put on quickly and easily. They are there to learn how to put them on without necessarily hovering and thus work upstream on the apprehension of the footstrap.

Sharing with your children

A nut on the front of the shape can accommodate a mast step for a child’s rigging. What could be more fun than sharing a beautiful day on the water with your children and passing on our passion to them?

Sealion Summerboard

9′ 10′
Volume 150 L 200 L
Length 274 cm 295 cm
Width 75 cm 84 cm
Weight 11,9 kg 15 kg
Box Deep Tuttle + Fins Fins

What our customers think of this Sealion Summerboard

It's a treat. Passing on the windsurfing board to my daughter who now also uses it in Stand Up Paddle.

– Stéphane

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Sealion Summerboard

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