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Lightest sail on the market

Thanks to a reinforced dacron construction, you don’t have to worry about your sail. The sail alone weighs 1.8kg for the 5.5m. Dacron offers unmatched strength and durability with the ability to have a tight leech ideal for light wind, which will twist and continue to work in medium winds.

Perfect for beginners and radical in waves

Thanks to its ultralight weight, you can easily pull the sail up out of the water. The shape of the sail and the dacron fabric that works permanently in the twist provides a wide range of uses.

It’s also a real radical wave sail, perfect for the best riders. The Sealion sail is very efficient on a strapped wave float. It is the booster for all unstable situations or slightly soft conditions.

A retro look

As with the Sealion float, the Sealion sail has a slightly retro look.
But if you look closely at the trend for the latest 3 batten radical wave sails, the design of this Sealion sail is right up to date and innovative!
The tips are small to increase the sail’s manoeuvrability. The rim, the whole area under the boom, is reduced to provide a light and very responsive feel.
The power is positioned fairly high and slightly back on the profile to ensure the best performance in light winds. The lower part of the sail works with a floating 2/3 batten, which allows a great neutrality when shocked, and offers a strong feeling of lightness and reactivity”.

Details of our models

Sealion Sails

5.0 m 5.5 m
Mast SDM or RDM /
430 or 400
SDM or RDM /
430 or 400
Luff 429 cm 441 cm
Boom 175 (SDM)
177 (RDM)
186 (SDM)
188 (RDM)
Weight 1,6 kg 1,8 kg

Setting tips

With its fairly straight luff requiring little tension, the Sealion sail accepts all types and sizes of masts (RDM or SDM, stiff or less stiff).
It is recommended on a SDM 430cm for the 5.5m and 400cm for the 5.0m in order to offer the best performance in light wind on a Sealion.

– Bruno (Sealion product developer)

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Sealion Sails

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