Windsurf board AHD Expression

The ultimate weapon in the AHD range to go rubbing shoulders with the waves!

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Expression 75 Expression 85 Expression 95 Expression 105
Volume 75 L 85 L 95 L 105 L
Length 232 cm 234 cm 235 cm 237 cm
Width 56 cm 58,5 cm 61.1 cm 64 cm
OFO 34,8 cm 36,6 cm 38 cm 39,8 cm
Box US Box + MT
US Box + MT
US Box + MT Power Box + MT
Aileron 17 cm – 2x10cm 18 cm – 2x10cm 19 cm – 2x10cm 25 cm
Weight 6,7 kg 6,9 kg 7,1 kg 7,4 kg
  • Board with a little length: Quick start on the schedule
  • Good distribution of the scoop
  • V on the stern and concave on the hull
  • Navigation in Thrusters or Single
  • Reinforced and lightweight construction

The AHD Expression uses an OSS Double Sandwich Carbon Kelvar construction.

Board delivered with straps, screws and top-of-the-range fins.


AHD Expression

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