Straps or strapless in wing foil ?

Strapless : freedom in wing foil

Strapless practice evokes absolute freedom, freedom of movement. Indeed, there are no foot straps, the deck is clear and it is therefore easier to move and make transitions.

It is also possible to position yourself with millimetre precision with regard to speed and power.

Straps: an asset from beginner to expert

afs strap
afs strap

What is interesting with foot straps is that once you master the practice and your board, you can position them ideally to be sure to be always in the best place.

If the straps are placed in the right place on the board in relation to the foil, the position will be optimal and the performance maximum.

Another benefit of foot straps is jumping and pumping. The straps will help in the jump and boost the pumping.

Straps and strapless

Of course, the choice remains free and perhaps the ideal is to alternate, once strapped and another without straps. This would make it possible to maintain versatility between these two modes of practice.

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