The latest generation of wing.Efficient, responsive, light, suitable and enjoyed by all. From first flights to experts.

Ultra rigid canopy

The canopy tension has been maximised to give instant response  supporting a wide range of use. This taught profile allows to generate a constant force in order to powerfully perform in light winds with predictable and stable handling in strong winds. The hollow of the wing is bridged by an additional panel between the centre strut and the canopy giving direct feel for effective pumping. Your go-to Wing.

WILF range


Span : 2.5 m
Usage: 20-40 knots


Span : 2.7 m Usage: 18-35 knots


Span : 2.9 m
Usage: 15-35 knots


Span : 3.3 m
Usage: 10-28 nodes


Span : 3.65 m
Usage: 8-22 knots

Easy to use

Firm, wide handles make for optimal hand placement, rider comfort and a light weight wing. With perfectly placed  attachment points for the included, removable harness lines, maximum enjoyment time is gained. At the end of a session, the centre strut has a dump valve for further ease of deflation. The WILF then packs away easily into a quality, generously sized shoulder bag.

Compact design

Its compact and stable profile allows you to manoeuvre effortlessly and above all, to surf without any thought to the wing. Indeed, the tapered diameter of the leading edge brings manoeuvrability and a smaller outline. A thicker leading edge in the centre avoids deformation of your WILF in higher winds or freestyle. A thinner diameter at the ends allows the wing to “breathe” to optimise air  flow, speed and stability.

Reinforced construction

Canopy material is Teijin T9669, high end polyester, the reference in the World of kitesurfing. It’s triple thread ripstop weave bringing increased stability and durability.

After exhaustive testing, positioning of well thought out and ideally placed reinforcements help create one of the lightest, most durable, performance wings on the market.

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