Windfoil Guide

Help in choosing your material, wedge or not wedge, position of the straps,...

Windfoil Tips

A few tips for setting up your equipment

How to start windfoiling ?

Want to start windfoiling ? We give you some advice.

Why windfoil ?

How to choose a wind foil board ?

Which foil to choose for windfoil ?

Which straps position in wind foil ?

Several inserts on your foil windsurf board but you don’t know where to put your straps? We give you some advice.

Cambers or not cambers in windfoil ?

You hesitate on the choice of your next windfoil ? We give you the advantages and disadvantages of a sail with or without cambers

100% windfoil or mixed board ?

It is sometimes difficult to choose between a 100% foil windsurf board or a board mixing foil and fins. Find a video summary.

How to choose your windfoil ?

Cambers ? Not cambers? What profile? What size? We help you to choose the best possible sail for foil windsurfing.

Beginner windfoil tutorials

Let’s go for your first edges!

How to build a windfoil ?

We explain how to mount your AFS windfoil in the deeptuttle case.

Windfoil Intermediate Tutorials

We go to the next level

How to boost your windfoil performances ?

How to adjust your windfoil harness ends ?

Short? Long? Advanced ? Backward? We give you our advices to adjust your windfoil harness ends at best !

Windfoil chock, what is it for ?

Windfoil chock ? What is it? We explain you the interest to use them or not.

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