Wing foil guide

Help in choosing your equipment, which spot to choose, tips, tutorials - all about wing foil.

Wing Foil Material Choice

Finding your way around the various wing foil pack options is never easy - here are some tips

What size wing?

From 2m2 to 7m2, it can be difficult to find your way. One wing, two wings to practice? We give you some advice.

What volume of board?

The choice of the volume of your wing foil board is important in order not to struggle with the learning process and at the same time skip steps.

Choice Foil Performer All Round 1

Chiox Foil Performer All Round 2

The 5 advantages of riding with a carbon foil

You hesitate between aluminium or carbon? Go straight to carbon, even to start with! We explain why.

Accordion or straight wing foil leash ?

Several types of leashes exist in wing foil. Accordion, straight, short, long? We give you some advice to choose yours.

How to choose your wing foil ?

Size matters in wing foil! We give you the different criteria to choose your wing foil mast.

How to protect your wing foil equipment?

We make a listing of all the essential accessories to protect your wing foil equipment.

The wing foil harness

You want to sail with a wing foil harness? We give you the advantages and features of the AFS sling.

Long or short fuselage, which one to choose in wing foil ?

You don’t know which fuselage length to choose for wing foil? We explain the advantages and disadvantages.

Which foil wing to start with?

Which front wing, which stabilizer, which mast size? All our tips for finding the right foil wing

Wing area and lift, are all brands the same?

Many of you are wondering about the equivalence of the wings from one brand of foil to another. We explain the differences.

What is the ratio aspect?

We talk a lot about aspect ratio, but do you really know what it is and what it is used for? We explain it all to you!

Wing Foil Tips

Chiox Foil Performer All Round 2 Tips

Chiox Foil Performer All Round 1 Tips

Find an AFS wing foil repairer

List of AFS certified repairers who have the exact fabric of our colors available

How to change the wing foil?

Your center batten may puncture or burst. We explain you step by step how to change there.

How to build your ALPHA foil?

We explain how to mount your AFS ALPHA Flyer or Carver foil. The foil consists of the t-bar, fuselage, front wing and stabilizer.

How do you attach your harness to your wing?

In this article, we explain how to attach your harness tip to your wing. Nothing could be easier, just follow our steps.

How to warm up and stretch in wing foil?

Warming up and stretching are two important elements in all sports. And in wing foil, how to do it?

What is the “one pump” and what is it used for?

The one pump system is present on many wings. We explain what it is used for and how to use it.

What are the weather conditions for wing foil sailing?

Understanding the spot and the weather conditions is an important point before getting in the water. We explain how to read this data.

How to maintain your wing?

Maintaining a wing may seem simple, but it is important to stick to it. We give you some advice.

Straps or strapless in wing foil ?

Keep the straps on or take them off to practice wing? We explain the advantages and disadvantages in both cases.

Debutant Wing Foil Tutorials

Debutant Chiox Foil Performer All Round 2

Departures and first edges in wing foil

Learning to wing foil is not easy. We give you some tips to get away from the edge and stand on the board.

How to switch feet in wing foil

Changing feet in wing foil can be complicated. Before or after the operation? We explain how and when to do it.

How do you take off in a wing foil?

The wing foil take off may be surprising at first. It is therefore necessary to learn to master it. We give you some tips.

How to find the right position on your wing foil board?

Finding the right position on your foil board can be complicated. We give you tips on how to take off and fly.

How to carry your wing foil equipment efficiently?

Carrying your gear can be complicated – we give you three ways to simplify your launch.

Prepare your wing: unroll, secure and inflate

Before going sailing, it is imperative to prepare your wing well. We explain how to safely unfold and inflate your wing.

How to set your foil in a double US rail?

The double US rail brings the advantage of positioning the foil as desired in order to optimize the foil’s performance.

Intermediate Wing Foil Tutorials

Rake in wing foil, what is it for?

When you want to optimize the setting of your foil, it is possible to play on the rake with shims.

How to do a downwind in wing foil ?

The downwind is a practice which consists in surfing the swell. We explain how to prepare and what equipment to choose.

How to pump in wing foil?

Pumping is a technical and very physical movement in foil. Its mastery depends on the material and also on you! We explain.

How to do a wing foil jibe?

The jibe is a maneuver that is done downwind, therefore behind the wing. We explain you how to make a jibe in wing foil.

How to make a wing foil tack?

The tack is a maneuver that consists of turning the float into the wind. We explain how to master it.

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